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Digital Capture Expansion

Downing Frames specializes in hand-made frames and custom finishes using the highest quality archival materials.

They have a stellar client list and handle various types of gallery and museum quality artwork.


As their business soared they needed a calibrated digital capture environment to accurately document the all artwork entering and leaving the shop.




How do you create as accurate a color calibrated digital capture environment as possible that will work swifty and efficently in a concentrated space?


We sat down with Downing Frames and reviewed the long and short term goals of of a properly and professionally set up digital capture station.


Our focus was color. We needed to ensure that the color temperature of the environment was a precise RGB rendition of the

artwork being photographed.

The first step was a consultation and a tour of the existing space. 

From the initial consult we determined their photographic needs; set-up, calibration, workflow, back and storage strategies.

We then followed up with equipment selection. We researched and created a recommended list of specific products, such as screens, software, calibration tools, cables, back up hardware, etc. in order to achieve optimum workflow and performance.

Now that we nailed down Downing Frames' needs and tailored a customized calibration and capture station, it was time to put the wheels in motion and set it all up!


We integrated the workstation into their existing space and with their existing camera and lighting equipment. We then tested the production, workflow, back up and storage assimilation, and all the new hardware and software.


Then came the fun part; TRAINING! We reviewed the hardware and software and the protocol involved in maintaining each.  The nerve center for this instruction was CaptureOne. We made sure the client understood the best method to capture the most consistently exposed and accurately colored images so the artwork was reproduced as precisely as possible. 




Lastly, we created a user friendly cheat sheet in pdf format for the client to refer to whenever needed.

Added a bit of tech support and...voila!

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