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Photographic Campaign

Website Design

Metacapital Management is a New York based investment adviser that specializes in the Mortgage and Structured Credit markets.


Vourdoukis NY was asked to produce a two part creative advertising campaign. The first, a photo shoot to give them an easy, in-house method of marketing themselves. Second, a website that catered to the style and UI interests of both new and existing clients.

Metacapital has a very prestigious identity in investments strategies for high net worth and institutional investors.


We wanted to make sure we understood what type of clients Metacapital catered to and how to translate their award-winning approach into visual appeal.



After our initial consultation and research, we concluded that a documentary, in-office setting was the best photographic approach. Metacapital wanted to maintain a grounded, authentic appeal so our shoot was just that; natural lighting, inviting and beautiful office space, and gracious staff with a focused yet receptive appearance.




Now that we provided Metacapital with an inventory of in-house stock imagery, it was time to work on their web presence. 

We looked into hedge funds sites in order to better comprehend Metacapital's needs. Hedge funds generally use a more traditional website approach since it compliments the tendencies and UI familiarities of their clients.



A particular aesthetic interest of Metacapital was to incorporate a New York City theme.



We used their exisiting logo, created a color scheme and a few additional brand elements into a standard, multi page, responsive website for desktop, tablet and phone, while making sure to retain the savvy Manhattan allure.


They also needed a content management system that focused on text, with the ability to add awards and nominations, post jobs and change bios.  Although  there are quite a few fantastic ones out there, we decided the best option for them would beWordPress.



We concluded the project with a solid CMS and a very clean UI that helps this hedge fund's team easily update their website, while maintaing a smart, clean, reliable appearance. So Metacapital can focus on doing what they do best...investing in the heart of the big apple!

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