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Post Production

Web and Color Consultant


Morgans Hotel Group is a global leader and innovator of the lifestyle hospitality sector, dedicated to building a differentiated brand portfolio and establishing  properties in 24 hour urban and select resort markets. They create a vibe that encourages our guests, who they call the Creative Class, to live every moment more intensely. Morgans Hotel Group is immersive, transformative and deeply engaging; embracing irony and style, elegance and luxury, with strong and daring vision. They bring together the creative power of many – designers, artists, musicians – to bend the rules, stretch the realm of possibility and constantly push the boundaries of what a hotel can be.

After we established ourselves as Morgan's preference for all their in-depth and often complex retouching, we began a conversation to better understand the requirements necessary to create web friendly, quick-loading imagery while still retaining maximum quality and detail. 


Morgan's photographs are essential for marketing and brand identity. How the rooms, views, locations and hotel amenities appeared on their website was crucial to maintain their aesthetic and reputation.





Our relationship began with digital retouching and finishing. We became their go-to post production house for all their digital manipulation needs.


As our relationship grew, we evolved into Morgan's consultants for everything image, web and print related. Ultimately, all their post production projects incorporated our knowledge, expertise and execution.



We created a step by step system that best suited Morgan's website for saving and uploading their photographs.


The protocol ensured that the best quality files were quickly and easily viewed on their website. 



was a discussion about color gamut in order to ensure the best possible color the web could render.






sRGB vs. Adobe RGB

The second phase of the consultation process was to help Morgans understand the differences between the color profile that is inherent in image capture (Adobe RGB 1998) and accurately converting their images to a web friendly sRGB profile while maintaining as strong a color scheme as possible. 

Since sRGB is a smaller color space that bases it's chroma on primary colors, we needed to make sure all rendering intents were tailored to the style and look of Morgan's photographs.

Once we felt their web team had a strong grasp of the best color conversion, we provided them with a format of how to properly convert the files every time.


As we successfully created an seamless post production workflow for Morgans, we gave them more time and energy to focus on making the world a more interesting and exciting place to experience!


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