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Post Producer and Consultant


SFERRA is known for creating the finest luxury linens in the world.

They have earned that distinction by holding true to their standards for more than 100 years. Their fabrics are created using long-staple Egyptian cotton, to which Italian and Western European textile masters apply state-of-the-art technology to spin, dye and finish each individual yarn to precise specifications and stringent standards. This level of luxury is evident in everything they do–and always has been–and that’s what makes them unique.




Sferra initially came to us for our reputation for digital finishing and retouching.  From there, our relationship quickly grew to include color management and develpment as well as, post production management.


Their products have a very delicate and detailed color palette that can often be difficult to translate digitally. Sferra needed professional insight into how to properly understand the nuances of hue and how to set up a calibrated environment in their offices in order to retain the most accurate color possible. 


Our job was to educate them in the methods and practial applications of color management all while providing the highest level of digital manipulation the industry has to offer.

We started by understanding what sort of facilities Sferra had with which to view both the product and the photographs.  We discussed the best viewing options and assisted them with creating

an optimal visual environment to suit their needs.  Throughout this process, we made sure they grasped the fundamentals of color gamut, RGB vs CMYK, screen vs print and lighting calibration and maintenance.



Once Sferra had a strong handle of the technical nuances of digital color, we set up a post production protocol to make sure we could manage the large number of images that required our attention. The quantity of photographs had to be organized in such a way that we could manage the influx but also produce the highest quality end result. 

So the end actually becomes the beginning. We continue to maintain an ideal color environment and produce beautifully manipulated images for all of Sferra's advertising and promotional needs... 


After all, what makes great retouching is an image that doesn't appear to be retouched at all!

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